Heroes Are Reborn



Our Vision

Hack The League envisions the empowering combination of technology and opportunities to generate practical solutions for real-world problems and produce an ever-increasing impact. HTL 1.0 witnessed 2200+ members, 180+ projects, 10+ workshops and sessions and increased professional creativity and self-expression by using the most innovative and modern technological solutions with the spirit of impact driven community. With the incredible victory of its first edition, Hack The League is back with Chapter 2, harboring a much powerful vision to create a lasting impact via an in-person hackathon. Hack The League aims to enable students to put together their potential abilities in ideation, design, and development to build projects which will create an impactful ecosystem of innovators and creators.

In that vein, HTL plans to delve further into an in-person hackathon in the next chapter to create an opportunity for developers to build technology over a set period while absorbing multiple perspectives and encouraging wide innovation by deliberately stimulating experimentation. HTL brings out action-packed new ideas with the motive to bring together technology and innovations.


Environment and Climate Change
Climate Crisis Alert! Bring the Green Hero inside you to life and integrate sustainable measures to regulate the latest technologies. Or build an application to aware the community of the devastating climate change impact that looms above us!

Web3 and Blockchain
Become a third-generation superhero by using your powers to create new-gen Web Applications, NFT, DAO, DFI and work with decentralized Blockchain. Help your community evolve Web3 to trending standards!

Developer & Productivty Tools
Developer tools are one of the major aspects of our builder ecosystem productivity and there's a need to bring more innovation to this sector of our industry. This track is eligible for projects made to enhance Developer Productivity and Performances.

Mental Health and Productivity
Pull on your capes to develop solutions for people who are wearing a mask to hide mental health challenges. There is strength in admitting you might need help or that something might not be right. The superheroes show an optimistic mindset to deal with challenges. Let Mental Health enable people across the multiverse to experience high quality of life and productivity.

Open Innovation
Be the wizard of your own ideas, unbound to the control of the world. Open innovation is the right track for you if you don't relate to any of the above themes, choose your own super powers and create an impact over the community.

Event Shedule

Day 1

Time Event
9:00 AM Check-In
10:00 AM Breakfast
11:00 AM Opening Ceremony
11:30 AM Hack Starts
12:45 PM Sponsor S1
2:30 PM Lunch
4:00 PM Panel Discussion
5:15 PM Sponsor S2
6:00 PM Tea Time
7:00 PM Mentoring R1
9:00 PM Gala Dinner
11:45 PM Socials Night Fiesta

Day 2

Time Event
2:00 AM Mentoring R2
9:15 AM Sponsor S3
10:00 AM Breakfast
12:30 PM Hack Ends
4:00 PM Judging Starts
4:30 PM Closing Ceremony


Both cash and in-kind prizes will be awarded to the hackathon winners and track winners as well as best performers, competition winners and many more!

INR 35,000

INR 25,000

INR 15,000

Partner Tracks


Build with Shardeum and top Projects will get $1000 in Bounty total.


Deploy your daaps on Zeeve and top projects will get Zeeve Merchs.


Use Apyhub for your projects and get special Prices from Apyhub.

Hackathon Partners

Sponsoring Partners

Ecosystem Partners

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